C.A.S.E. File Area

This is the file area for users to get files directly from the C.A.S.E. database directory structure. Please use the following links below.  Each link will bring you to a list of files.  Simply click on the file name and let it come up on your computer.  At that point you can save the file.  You may also right click and choose to save the link directly.

Certification directory ( File names are by Allocation Number )

Policies and Procedures directory ( The full directory )

Audit and Compliance directory (The full directory)

Pickup your PDF print files (directory will be cleaned nightly)

Directions:  User the Bullzip pdf print driver to print your document.  It will automatically choose the O:\caseorg\PrintHold as the default directory.  Leave or change the file name.  Go to the hyperlink above and download to your local machine.


Please let Jerry or Sam know if you have any questions, comments, or suggestions.

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