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June 2020

Subject: COVID-19 July Training Session is Cancelled

Given the unprecedented global travel restrictions set in place to control the COVID-19 outbreak, the planned July Training Session is being cancelled, and those requiring recurrent will be required to attend the January 2021 Session. The A&C will automatically reset/extend the dates for those who require training this session, without the need to submit written letters for exceptions / extensions.

 Those affected can monitor their Auditor pages to make sure that extended training dates are correctly captured and extended. The only need to contact the A&C if you see an error with the Training date extension.

 Please take care note of the following points;

  1. If you are due training (ref P&P 2.3-1 B(2) in July 2020, the system will automatically extend your training due date to January 2021.
  2. This extension will not cause a change to your existing training interval. i.e.  if you are due recurrent training in July 2020 and it gets extended to Jan 2021, your next due date for recurrent training would be July 2022 ( 1 1/2 years instead of 2 ). Same concept as used for extended audit check-rides.
  3. The above training extension plan also applies to new level III candidates. In that training required by P&P 2-3-1E(1) is valid for 18-months

 The BOD will also be posting a letter on the webpage explaining all of this. 

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