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Members; please note C.A.S.E. has been monitoring the widening, global spread of the Coronavirus, and conducted a review of the 2020 Allocation to identify areas of concern.  C.A.S.E. recommends auditors follow CDC, WHO, other National Health organizations, and company guidelines related to travel to affected areas and make decision based on personal safety when travel remains an option (not restricted by local authority). Should a member confirm allocated audit/s cannot be accomplished due to the current situation, the allocated member must reschedule the audit to a later date.  We apologize for the inconvenience but this is beyond all our control and, if this affects your program, it will need to be dealt with on an individual member basis.  Members will also have to work with their FAA, utilize their extension procedures in accordance with their respective program, or suspend the vendor on their AVLM until the vendor can be audited.

We trust the situation will improve as rapidly as it has manifested, especially for our partners in affected regions, and appreciate your patience. 


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C.A.S.E. is a Nonprofit Coalition of Industrial Companies dedicated:

To exchange supplier data through an industry leading quality oversight standard while promoting safety and continuous improvement.

Governed by a Statement of Principles and Bylaws, Our Goal is to Provide Data with which you can make informed supplier approval decisions.

C.A.S.E Bylaws - Revision 9 - updated 11-6-2018

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