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The C.A.S.E. Database is available for use by members through Remote Desktop Access. See below for installation and access instructions.

If you have username/password problems, please email Jerry Frederick This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or Samantha Shadursky at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

For database issues, please contact: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  

Please send audit cert packages to: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. (for PDF Documents)

Download/Installation Instructions

The process is fairly simple. There are clients available for a number of computer operating systems, smart phones and tablets. The client software is installed by default on Windows 7 and 8. On Apple systems you can go to I-Tunes and download the Remote Desktop Connection software from Microsoft. The same goes for the Android devices. Go to the Google play store and download the RDP Client from Microsoft.
Note for network users: If you have problems connecting, have your network computer experts review the following:

Additional First Time setup notes:

Please read all of the information below and make sure that your client is supported. If you have a Windows XP machine you may need to make the changes outlined. If your airline blocks all access to sites and not just ports it may be necessary to ask IT to provide an outgoing proxy. Even if this is the case the new system is a more elegant solution than asking for specific IP and ports to be opened.

The first thing to make sure of is that you have a compatible platform. We have had a couple of users that were attempting to login with a Windows XP machine pre-service pack 3 and without the 7.0 remote desktop client and the NTLM v2 updated in the local policy editor.

When updating from a Windows 2003 workgroup to a full Server 2012 Active Directory the movement of passwords was not available for security reasons. That means that everyone will need to set a new password on initial entry into the new system. Keep in mind that most modern systems require some complexity to your password. The system will need at least either an uppercase or number along with a minimum of 6 characters.

Please go to - once there please enter your username with the domain - caseinc\111xxx (111xxx is your username and the default password given to you. It should tell you that the password is expired and to press here to change. Once you get to the next screen enter in the default password given to you as the current password and then enter in your new password twice. Once that is done your password is changed and you are ready to go. You can either go into the ACS CASE 4.0 database from here or go back to the database screen on the website and press the ACS 2014 link.

Once you get the initial database welcome screen you will see and “Enable Content” bar at the top. Please enable content so that the local code can operate properly. This is a onetime thing and you will not see it again unless we update the underlying system properties.

INFO for web client username should always begin with the domain caseinc\

You may need to put it in twice on initial login.

If you need a gateway or it asks for one it is also

If you have any questions do not hesitate to call Jerry at 954-938-1980. The server is built, all software is installed, and the database is upgraded. Both the web site and database will reside on the same server. There is no need for Citrix as the new version of Microsoft RDP performs just as well. This simplifies licensing and eliminates the cost of purchasing Citrix and renewing support on a yearly basis.

We have tested the site for the last three months including retesting the SSL for Windows Server 2012. Any client that connects through the tunnel needs at least Remote Desktop Client (RDP) 6.1 with Network Level Authentication (NLA) enabled. If the client does not have NLA they cannot connect through the tunnel but are able to connect with the standard 3389 port. I am including some documentation on the requirements that I will add it to the website at a later date.

The positive of all this is that unless the airline is specifically blocking https (443) traffic to the internet all users should be able to get in through the encrypted tunnel. Printing should also be simplified as the new client uses the drivers on either side by encapsulating the print data before sending it from the client to the server. We have tested printing remotely but will need more testing from others to get comfortable. The negative is that some airlines block access to unknown sites period. UPS has always been an issue so I tried a connection with Pam without using their proxy and was unsuccessful. This means that I will have to talk to an IT network admin at UPS to make the proxy change. Even so it should be easier than explaining poking a hole in the firewall.

Client that should work without any issues:


  1. Windows 8 / 8.1
  2. Windows 2008 Server
  3. Windows 2012 Server
  4. Windows 7 SP1
  5. Android client (released October 15th 2013)
  6. IOS (Apple) client (also released in October 2013)


Works with update to client ( ) and NTLM v2 change in local policy editor .


  1. Windows XP SP3
  2. Windows Vista



  1. Windows 2003 server
  2. Windows 95
  3. Old Apple products
  4. Anything else we have not tested

*This does not mean they will not work, they will if the client can connect with the standard 3389 port, but this will require a firewall poke both local and at the edge / border.

If you wish to use the Print to file feature of the Database, simply create a directory on your C Drive named 'c:\case\download'. When you select Print to file, the report will be automatically saved to this directory on your C Drive. No more downloading required!


AIR CARRIER 4.0 (new server test)

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