CAR Access

CAR Access

Accessing Your CARS

We have created this section of the website to assist vendors in getting to the You CARS section of the website and successfully entering their Allocation Number (Login) and password.

1)  Please make sure that you are using the SSL version of the website.  SSL stands for Secure Socket Layer and it encrypts all traffic between the web server and your client computer.  all SSL websites begin in the address bar with https://  ie: - you will see a little lock right to the left of the address if the SSL is on.

2) There are times when a certificate is stored within your cache that is older than the current one attached to the website.  If you choose one of the certificates when the popup displays it will not match the current one and the You Cars page will not display.  Please just x out of the popup if you see it and continue on.  This will tell the browser to use the current certificate on the website.

3) If you are getting login or password is incorrect this is normally a mismatch - it is very easy to mistake 0's and O, i and I, etc.  If you have this issue please ask the Auditor to reset you password to something easier to type in.

4) If all fails even after doing the normal clearing of the cache and trying another browser please let us know.  There are certainly times when a network device at the vendor may preclude access to specific web pages based on some algorithmic data.  It may also be that there is a problem on our site.


Thank you,

Jerry Frederick  Database Administrator for C.A.S.E.