Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’S)

  What is C.A.S.E.?

  A Nonprofit Coalition of Industrial Companies dedicated to:

·   Exchanging and Publishing Non-Prejudicial Supplier Data.

·   Reducing the Proliferation of Redundant Supplier Assessments.

·   Reducing Supplier Management Costs.


Governed by a Statement of Principles and Bylaws, Our Goal is to Provide Data with which you can make informed supplier approval decisions.

  How many sections does C.A.S.E. have?

  There are two sections:

·   ACS: Air Carriers Section.

·   ARSS: Aeronautical Repair Station Section.

How does C.A.S.E. exchange information?

Via its Registers:

·   Registers are Lists of Suppliers that have met the applicable C.A.S.E. Standard (I.E. 1A, 2A, etc) after having been audited by a C.A.S.E. Level III or Level IV Auditor.

o    NOTE 1: The Registers are only accessible to C.A.S.E. Sustaining Members.

o    NOTE 2: There are two Registers, one for the ACS and one for the ARSS.

How often does C.A.S.E. meet?

Four times a year at Conferences and Training Sessions:

·   Conference: Semi annual meeting - spring and fall - where C.A.S.E. business is conducted.

·   Training Session: Semi annual meeting - winter and summer - where C.A.S.E. training is provided.

  What are the Membership Requirements?

  Following are the key requirements:

·   As described in the Membership Section of the Website, Membership Applications and Membership Requirement documents.

·   Payment of Membership Fees.

·   Active participation in Conferences and Training Sessions.

·   Have actively participating Level III or Level IV auditors.

What are the Requirements for Suppliers to be listed on a Register?

  Following are the key requirements:

·   Provide services to at least one C.A.S.E. Member (ACS or ARSS as applicable).

·   Successfully complete an audit to the applicable C.A.S.E. Standard (I.E. 1A, 2A, etc) for their type of business.

·   Continually comply with the applicable C.A.S.E. Standard.

·   Sign the applicable Supplier Expectations Form.

Does a company have to be member to be listed on a Register?

·    No supplier is required to be a C.A.S.E. Member or make any payment to be listed in a Register.


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